I’ve had to make some decisions of late.
Never terribly easy, that’s for sure.

My family always comes first, always has and always will.
It’s been a busy year so far with my son starting a new school and
with a lot of sporting committments for both children now.
I’m also the Uniform Shop Convenor at my daughter’s school and
there’s plenty of hours spent there too. Something had to give.

I’d like to believe I am Superwoman, but I’m afraid, I’m not.
There are only so many hours in the day. I just can’t do it all.

So, with a heavy heart I’ve decided to stop making embellishments.
It’s how my little business began, but it’s now come second to my
hair accessories. It’s a time consuming process creating anything new.
I do still love to scrap, but it has taken a back seat due to the the workload
I have had. I’d like to be able to do that again…to sit down and just scrap.
Not worry about next month’s embellishment. Afer all, that’s why I started
scrapbooking. The love of the art…all things paper…it shouldn’t become a chore?

I would like to THANK all my fabulous Creative Team girls for all the work
they’ve done over the past few years. They’ve made some beautiful samples
using Chelley Bean products. Your commitment has been wonderful…thank
you all so very much!

So, Chelley Bean moves onto the next phase of the journey.
Over the next few months I hope to have the Etsy store highly stocked with
new product. I’ll be keeping my markets to a minimum for a while til I get this done.
I will still be at the regular BrisSyle markets! Otherwise, look for me out and about
in the warmer months or you can still shop via my Etsy store.

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Soups

I do love a good soup!
Winter’s just arrived, it’s the perfect lunch for me!
I’m making Cauliflower soup tomorrow…waiting for my Fruit
and Veg man to deliver my lovely fresh ingredients!

 I thought I’d share these 5 healthy soups I found on Pinterest today!


I also found this interesting article about the health benefits of eating soup.
It’s healthy, as long as you keep the cream and butter to a minimum!
Great advice!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Anzac Day

It’s a special day for Australians today…it’s Anzac day.

We’ve been to our local Anzac Dawn service, early this morning which was very moving.
From the Diggers in the March to the Bugler playing the last post.

Thank you to all the Service men and women that protect our country, still seving or retired.
We’ll be forever in our debt to you!
From me, a BIG Thank you!

Lest We Forget.

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Fushia Door

Thought I’d share this super sweet pic of a someone’s front door!
How could any girl not want to live here?

Just thought I’d share…it’s very pretty and on Pinterest!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Happy Easter

Not long now…
Easter is nearly upon us.

I thought I’d share this cute guy today.
He’ll be here in a few sleeps.

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!
My family and some friends are off camping for the break.
Best leave the Easter Bunny a note so he knows where to find us!

Looking forward to some good times, fun, chocolate and thinking
about what Easter’s all about. Enjoy!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Easter Recipe

How cute are these cookies?
I saw them this morning on Pinterest and had to share.

They are called Bird’s nests.
Here’s the blog the recipe can be found on.

Might have to give these a go!
Happy cooking!

Chat soon,

Next Market: Baby and Kids Market

My next market is the Baby and Kids Market.

Here’s the details:

Sunday 24th March
St Joseph Nudgee College
(Inside McKennariey Centre)
9am-12 noon

There is a $4 entry fee for adults with kids admission free.
Lots of free parking around the building.

Plenty of things to keep the kids amused, food and drinks.

There is no on-site ATM or eftpos so come prepared loaded with
lots of cash!

Hope to see you there!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Garden Creations

I’m in the process of making over the back fenceline of our backyard.
Under lots of trees, I want to plant lots of fluffy plants and ferns,
keeping with the rainforest look. Nice and moist back there.

My daughter and I have been planning where the little fairy garden will go also.
We have the perfect tree to transform the bottom of, with the sweetest little fairy door!
She wants a little fairy garden to match!

I saw these on Pinterest this morning, pinned by a friend!
It’s a great way of adding some colour to your garden,
as mine will be predominantly green! I’m thinking red though!

Using chicken wire, a wire stem and some spray paint.
They look very cool.

The lady that made them is from France and her husband is a garden designer.
I found her blog via Pinterest. Some amazing ideas on there.
I just love these. I’m going to give them a try.

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Crafty Easter Ideas to do with the kids

With Easter only a few weeks away, it’s a fun time to do
some crafts with the kids.I know my kids love creating things.

 I found this great blog post by Red Ted Art’s Blog via Pinterest, with over 40 different
things you can create for Easter!

We’ve attempted the egg dying, and they turned out fabulously.
Best have a look to see what we can create this year.

Chat soon,

94 Days of Summer for Bravehearts

I’ll be at this fabulous market tomorrow…supporting Bravehearts!

Hope to see you there!

Chat soon,