Pretty Things on Pinterest: Breathing while Running

Today’s Pinterest post…

I’m currently 3 weeks in to a 12 week program to slim down and lose some weight.
I did the same program this time last year and lost about 12kg’s but found
a few sneaky kg’s came back on over the Christmas period.
The aim…to get rid of them!

With excercising 6 days a week comes running.
I’ve never really known how you should breathe.
I usually just suck in air and hiope for the best.
Most people say to just do what feels natural.
Not sure I’m doing it right?

I’m going to give this a try…

There are some great tips here to try.
I’m going to give breathing through my nose a go!

Happy exercising!

 Chat soon,

BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market

My first market for 2013!

The BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market is on
tonight in  King George Square  from 5pm til 9pm!


I’ve been praying for no rain for the past week.
Fingers crossed it will be fine and we’ll be in the Square.
If the weather gods don’t play nicely, we’ll be on the deck
above Groove Train Restaurant.
Either way, the markets still continue…rain, hail or shine!

Hope to see you there!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Umbrellas

We’ve had a lot of rain here in Qld recently!
Too much actually, so it got me thinking.

I popped “umbrella” in the search engine on Pinterest today.
This image came up.
I adore it!

Beautiful, bright and bold colour!
I love it!

I did wonder how they got them all up there and so perfectly?
The mind boggles.

It’s in Portugal, so the photo says.

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Iphone Tips

Today’s Pinterest post…

I always have my Iphone with me.
More so at the moment as my beloved Canon is having an overhaul.

I’m forever snapping something for Facebook on my phone…

This lovely lady has some simple and easy tips for a good pic…in focus on your Iphone!

I hope you find it helpful!

Chat soon,

New in store…Pink Hair Bow with a crown!

I’ve added these cute bows to the Etsy shop today!

I had them on my market stall in time for Christmas but this is their
debut in the Etsy shop.

Made from 7/8″ Hot Pink grosgrain ribbon into a pinwheel bow,
then I added a super cute crown with lots of bling on it!
How sweet are they?

They are just $6 each.

I’m currently busy working on a new line, which i hope I can unveil
in the next few weeks. I think you’ll LOVE them.

Stay tuned!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: School Lunch Box Ideas

I’m going to continue my “Pretty Things on Pinterest” Post for 2013!
My random ramblings for the week…whatever photo catches my eye that day
on Pinterest! Always so much to share on that fabulous site!

With school going back this week here in Australia after our big Summer holiday,
I thought a do a post about school lunches and how you can be creative in your
kid’s lunchboxes!

I found this great blog post by Slap Dash Mom. She’s got some great ideas for lunches.
She has a whole list of various blog links on all sorts of varieties of food for the lunchbox,
from vegan to food allergies!

I got some great ideas from her post, that I thought I’d share!
Happy creating!

Chat soon,

Back to work for 2013

Today, I’m officially back to work!
Both kids are back at school, as of today…so holidays are over.
I’m very lucky that I work from home and can revolve around my family life.

School holidays being a big part of that. I love our big break at the end of the year.
I can be there for my kids when needed. It’s great…I love it!

I had a lovely camping holiday with my family over Christmas and New Year and
then I spent a week in Hong Kong with my sister and some girlfriends!
It was a wonderful break. I’m feeling very well rested and ready to get back into it.

Here’s me at The Peak in Hong Kong…

So, planning has begun for 2013. I’m currently busy booking markets and coming up
with new stock! I have lots planned for Chelley Bean in the year ahead, so I best
get to work!

The Etsy shop is open for business and I will be uploading new stock in the not
 too distant future. Watch this space!

Chat soon,

Where you can find us tomorrow night…

Here’s the Site Map so you can find all your favourite BrisStylers on friday night
at the Indie Twilight Market!
You’ll find Chelley Bean up on the deck this year.
Site #57…Look for the BIG white tent up there!!

 Close up of the deck map, so you can find me!

I’ll post some pics a little later today of some new stock I’ll have tomorrow night!

 Chat soon,

BrisStyle Indie Twilight Market

The last month has flown by so fast!
I’ve had so many markets on around Brisbane, it’s been crazy!

My kids have finished school for the year.
There has been plenty of events in the lead-up to the Christmas break!
I’ve been so busy topping up stock for my next market, that the blog has been a little quiet!
Promise I’m still here, just head down at my desk!

My final market for 2012 is on this friday night, 14th Dec!
It’s our big finale for 2012 with the BrisStyle Indie Twilight marketin King George Square
from 5-9pm! It’s going to be huge.

So, this week I’m busy preparing stock for this market before I close down my Etsy store
over the Christmas break! My Etsy store will be closed from  
Friday 21st Dec til Monday 14th January.

It’s a little longer than usual, as I’m fitting in a family camping trip and in early Jan
I’m heading off on a trip to Hong Kong, which I’m VERY excited about!
Promise to bring home some fabulous new ribbons to play with!
Busy times ahead…

Hope to see you on Friday night!

Chat soon,

Markets at EP

This weekend sees me at the Markets at EP.
New market to me, with this being my first.
Nice and close to home which is even better!

 Here’s all the details…

Looking forward to it.
Hope to see you there!

Chat soon,