Hair: Winter Hair

How’s your hair feeling this Winter?
With just over a month left of Winter here in Australia, it’s been cold and windy in some parts of the country.
Is your skin feeling dry from the harsh elements?
If the answer’s yes, your hair probably is too.

Hair dries out in this weather and becomes flyaway.  Static electricity can be a real problem.
You may find you’ve had some bad hair days this season? Dry hair goes hand in hand with dull, lifeless hair. But, there is a way to keep it under control.

Make sure you are using moisturising shampoos and conditioners.
These help keep the moisture locked into your hair. For those with colours(…these days, who doesn’t?)
 use moisturing shampoos and conditioners for coloured hair. They treat your hair with a little extra moisturiser, and add goodness to cheically treated hair.

Treat your hair to a Treatment every now and then. I personally treat my hair once a week or so.
Having a colour and foils I find it stays in good shape that way! The treatment adds extra moisture to
drying locks and makes it feel good as well. Be sure to treat your hair with something suitable for your hair type. Ask yor Hairdresser for the best product for you and how often you should treat it!
Everyone’s hair is different, so everyone needs a different regime.

When styling with hairdryers or hot irons, make sure you use a heat sealing spray. It will stop your hair drying out with constant heat on it. The spray helps to seal the hair so you don’t lose too much moisture during styling.

Lastly, once you’ve styled your hair add an oil or spray that helps to prevent static electricity. With so much wind around, it’ll keep your hair from flying away!

By following some of these easy steps, you’ll limit the amount of bad hair days you’ll have this winter!

Chat soon,