I’ve had to make some decisions of late.
Never terribly easy, that’s for sure.

My family always comes first, always has and always will.
It’s been a busy year so far with my son starting a new school and
with a lot of sporting committments for both children now.
I’m also the Uniform Shop Convenor at my daughter’s school and
there’s plenty of hours spent there too. Something had to give.

I’d like to believe I am Superwoman, but I’m afraid, I’m not.
There are only so many hours in the day. I just can’t do it all.

So, with a heavy heart I’ve decided to stop making embellishments.
It’s how my little business began, but it’s now come second to my
hair accessories. It’s a time consuming process creating anything new.
I do still love to scrap, but it has taken a back seat due to the the workload
I have had. I’d like to be able to do that again…to sit down and just scrap.
Not worry about next month’s embellishment. Afer all, that’s why I started
scrapbooking. The love of the art…all things paper…it shouldn’t become a chore?

I would like to THANK all my fabulous Creative Team girls for all the work
they’ve done over the past few years. They’ve made some beautiful samples
using Chelley Bean products. Your commitment has been wonderful…thank
you all so very much!

So, Chelley Bean moves onto the next phase of the journey.
Over the next few months I hope to have the Etsy store highly stocked with
new product. I’ll be keeping my markets to a minimum for a while til I get this done.
I will still be at the regular BrisSyle markets! Otherwise, look for me out and about
in the warmer months or you can still shop via my Etsy store.

Chat soon,