Pretty Things on Pinterest: Soups

I do love a good soup!
Winter’s just arrived, it’s the perfect lunch for me!
I’m making Cauliflower soup tomorrow…waiting for my Fruit
and Veg man to deliver my lovely fresh ingredients!

 I thought I’d share these 5 healthy soups I found on Pinterest today!


I also found this interesting article about the health benefits of eating soup.
It’s healthy, as long as you keep the cream and butter to a minimum!
Great advice!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest

It’s Halloween very soon…Although it’s not huge here in Australia, my kids are very excited about it all.
The kids in our street dress up and Trick or Treat!
It should be loads of fun!

So, I thought I’d find some great Halloween pics for today’s Pretty Things!

How cool are these carved pumpkins?

These skeletons are clever!

Awesome door wreath…

Very classy!

How awesome are these two costumes??
My kids would love them…

Looking forward to Halloween…are you?

Chat soon,