Hair Tip – How to Detangle Wet Hair

Today I thought I’d talk about wet hair and how to detangle it. I’m talking just got out of the shower, clean, just shampooed and conditioned wet hair.

Before you even pick up the comb, it’s best to pat or squeeze your hair with a towel to remove any excess water. Never rub or scrub hair as it can cause damage.

You should always use a wide tooth comb to detangle wet hair.

Start from the bottom working your way up until all the tangles are out. By doing this, you prevent damage as your hair is in it’s weakest state while wet and very delicate.

You may need more help to comb it. Detanglers and Leave-in Moisturisers can help with extremely detangled hair (ie.very curly hair). Be sure to check with your Hair Professional before using them.

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Being a hairdresser, I thought I’d share with you my knowledge. I’m going to chat regularly about all things hair related. So, if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about, send me an email and I’m happy to share what I know.

Hair: The Messy Bun

I really like this look.I see it all the time. Not always well done, I might add.

The “messy look” is all the rage.
My hair is exactly like this(maybe a little longer),
so I can sympathise with this style.
The shoulder length, layered, messy, curls look.
Be it natural or if you have to work a little to get them, this is a great idea!

All pinned up very messily.
Hint: Use lots of pins in this one.
*To get a little height in the top, backcomb or tease it a little,
then gently comb the top without combing out the teasing.
*Then pull it up and pin away.
*If you have thicker hair, you may want to use a band, then pull pieces
out and pin them to create the messy look.

Here’s the type of length you’ll need to create this…
A great brush to blowdry and some product and you’re set!

Good luck with it…

I found this idea on Pinterest.
It’s taken from the blog Brunch at Saks, written by Anne-Marie from Los Angeles.
It’s a great read, not just about hair…but lifestyle blog.

Chat soon,