Pretty Things on Pinterest: Instagram Tips and Tricks

As many of you know…I LOVE Instagram!

I saw this on Pinterest this morning.
Tips and Tricks on using Instagram and your Iphone.

I learnt a few new things.
Just thought I’d share.

Happy Wednesday!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest

Anyone else addicted to this fun app?
I just LOVE Instagram!

 I saw this on Pinterest today and had to share it with you.

 Instagram was sold just recently to Facebook for $1 billion dollars!
Can you believe that?
What could be worth that much for a little photo sharing app with cool features?
Crazy, but obviously Facebook can see something in it!

Attached to this pic was a great article about all the cool things you can do with Instagram!
It’s a good read.

I didn’t know about creating your own stickers via Printstagram…now that is cool!
They also help you print your Iphone Instagram pics too.

 There’s also an app to create your own postcards, using Instagram pics! Awesome!
That’s called Postagram!

I also really liked the 100 Cameras in 1 app.
You can change effects on your photos giving them a different look!
(Making YOU look like an awesome photographer…lol)
Love that idea. I’m off to download it now…

Chat soon,