I’m off to market…

No, not to buy a fat pig!!!
My kids love that song. It’s on ABC Kids all the time. LOL

It’s the Handmade Expo in Ipswich.
Let’s hope the weather is nice. Although, I’m prepared if it isn’t.
This time round is the first time I’m setting up my tent myself. We’ll see how that goes?? LOL
Could be a comedy of errors?? Haha

Anyway, here’s the details.

When: Saturday 20th March

Where: Ipswich Turf Club
Brisbane Rd, Bundamba

Time: 8am-2pm

Free Entry and Parking

The Steam Train rides are on again. The Railway line runs right beside the Turf Club, so it’s easy to hop on and go for a ride.I haven’t seen the train just yet, but it looks like heaps of fun.
If you are in the area, be sure to pop down and say Hi!!
I love seeing friendly familiar faces.
I have some new goodies on offer, before they hit Etsy!!!
So, you’ll be the first to see them!

Chat soon,

The Flour Mill Markets this Friday 22nd January…

There will be a selection of Chelley Bean at the Flour Mill Markets this Friday 22nd January.
The markets run from 9am-2pm, and this is their very first market, so we hope you can pop by if you’re in the area.
My Mum, Di will be there selling Chelley Bean goodies…

I’m off on a short break for a few days from Thursday 21st til Monday 25th January.
A lovely “girly” break with some girlfriends!

You can still purchase from my Etsy store during this time but items will not be packed and posted til I return on the 25th January.

Any emails will be responded too then also.

Chat soon,

They’re over for 2009…

I did my last market for 2009 at The Handmade Expo today.
My lovely Mum, Di came and helped me on my stall.
It’s not often she helps me. I’m usually helping her with her business, so it was a nice change.

We set up nice and early in the cool, before the heat took over. It was warm and I did get a little sunburnt. For the HOT weather Ipswich can turn on, we were pretty lucky today. Lots of cloud cover and a lovely breeze which sometimes turned into wind and had me chasing embellishments around the place! LOL
A lovely lady on a neighbouring stand came to my rescue with some sand weights to hold things down. How nice was she??

We had a great day. Sold plenty, which is always good. Christmas time is always good, with people looking for goodies for Christmas gifts.
I also got a lead or two to follow up in the New Year…You’ll have to wait and see what that’s about. I’ll keep you posted! 😉

Here’s a few pics of what I had today…

My Notelets are one of my best sellers!

I altered some Address books, this time round which were quite popular too.

Even Christmas cards went well.

It was a lot of fun…Bring on Christmas now!!
Time for a little break before we get back into it in the New Year!

Chat soon,

I’m off to market…

I’m off to market again this weekend!!
The Handmade Expo’s Dec market is on this weekend, the last for the year.

If you’re in the area, be sure to pop by and say Hello.
It’s a great day out, with HEAPS of Handmade goodness, fresh local produce and of course who can go past the sausage sizzle and the snow-cones!! LOL

Best of all…the market is free entry!!
Yep, there is no admission fee anymore and there’s also FREE parking!!!. How cool is that??

Here’s the details…

Ipswich Racecourse
Brisbane Rd, Bundamba
Starts at 8am-2pm
Free Entry and Free Parking

Be sure to come and say Hello!
I’d love to see some Blog readers there.

Micky from the Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven sent me a Blog Award a little while ago, so I thought I’d do that today too.
It’s a Kreative Blog award. Thanks heaps Micky!!!
It was Micky’s first ever blog award and I can safely say it’s Chelley Bean’s very first blog award too.
Exciting huh?

So there are some things I am to do to receive this illustrious award – some rules to keep it growing:

1. Copy picture and post on your blog
2. Thank the person who gave it to you and link to their blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself we don’t know:

Ok, here goes…

a. I have 2 children. Zac is 6 and Ella is 4.
b. I was born and grew up in Portland, in country Vic til Iwas 13 and moved to Qld.
c. My very first car was a red Datsun 180B, affectionately named Bertha.
d. My favourite colour is blue.
e. I was one of 10 Scrapbooking Memories Masters in 2008…sadly my time is nearly up!
f. I’ve just turned 35!
g. I LOVE sport!!

Now, to choose 7 other bloggers to pass the award to.
Link to those 7 other bloggers.

I’ve chosen 7 very Kreative bloggers, all very different but inspire me just the same. Thanks guys!

Here are my seven people:
1. Made X Manda…My fave camera straps!!
2. Libby…The Cuttlebug Queen. LOL
3. Tanyah…Owner of Scrap’n’Craft with T!
4. Sara…Sara runs Stuck!? sketches!
5. Kayla…a seriously talented young scrapper!!
6. Lou…the most original scrapper, I know!
7. Kerryn…Her photos and works of art are amazing!!

Have a great weekend everybody!

Chat soon,

First Market – Complete

I had a very early start for the Handmade Expo on Sat.
4.45am to be exact!
I got there early, with plenty of time to set up.
Being my first one, I wasn’t quite sure how long it would take??
I was ready well before the 8am start.

I had some lovely stallholders near me. Liz and Jodie with their beautiful sewing works and Jo with amazing woodwork. Was nice to meet you all. You made the experience all that much better…Thank you!

Here’s some pics I took just before opening time…

My stand…

Some of the cute hairclips I made…


Notelets…these sold very well.
Great little Christmas presents.

Romantic Roses…

Assorted Embellishments…

It was a fun day out. I really enjoyed it.
I’ll be back!

You can check out some more pics from the day on the Handmade Expo blog.

I hope to have the headbands and clips in my Etsy store shortly.
I even have a new embellishment for you too, but you’ll have to wait til next week! 😉

Chat soon,

If you’re in the Ipswich area tomorrow…

Pop on down and see me at the Handmade Expo.
It’s been held from 8am til 2pm at the Ipswich Racecourse located at Brisbane Road, Bundamba. Entry fee is $2.
I hope you can pop down and say Hi!

It’s Chelley bean Designs very first market…fingers crossed, it goes well!

I’ll tell you all about it soon!

Chat soon,

I’m doing my very first Handmade Expo next weekend…

I really am doing my very FIRST Handmade Expo next weekend.
It’s very exciting and I’ve been super busy working on products to take with me to the market. It’s been head down bum up around here!!

The Handmade Expo is run by Leisa, Micky and Miriam.
The market is totally handmade, which is fabulous!!
It runs monthly and is held at the Ipswich Racecourse at Bundamba.

I checked it out last month, and bought a gorgeous glass pendant and some delish chutneys. There was heaps of goodies to look at.

So, if you’re in the Ipswich area next Saturday morning, between 8am and 2pm, pop down and check out the markets. Say Hello to me if you see me. I love meeting blog readers and putting faces to names.

Here’s a link to the Handmade Expo blog.

Micky has her own Handmade Heaven…a totally handmade store in the Flour Mill in Ipswich. Her blog is here.

Have a great weekend!

Chat soon,