Pretty Things on Pinterest: Anzac Day

It’s a special day for Australians today…it’s Anzac day.

We’ve been to our local Anzac Dawn service, early this morning which was very moving.
From the Diggers in the March to the Bugler playing the last post.

Thank you to all the Service men and women that protect our country, still seving or retired.
We’ll be forever in our debt to you!
From me, a BIG Thank you!

Lest We Forget.

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Fushia Door

Thought I’d share this super sweet pic of a someone’s front door!
How could any girl not want to live here?

Just thought I’d share…it’s very pretty and on Pinterest!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Easter Recipe

How cute are these cookies?
I saw them this morning on Pinterest and had to share.

They are called Bird’s nests.
Here’s the blog the recipe can be found on.

Might have to give these a go!
Happy cooking!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Garden Creations

I’m in the process of making over the back fenceline of our backyard.
Under lots of trees, I want to plant lots of fluffy plants and ferns,
keeping with the rainforest look. Nice and moist back there.

My daughter and I have been planning where the little fairy garden will go also.
We have the perfect tree to transform the bottom of, with the sweetest little fairy door!
She wants a little fairy garden to match!

I saw these on Pinterest this morning, pinned by a friend!
It’s a great way of adding some colour to your garden,
as mine will be predominantly green! I’m thinking red though!

Using chicken wire, a wire stem and some spray paint.
They look very cool.

The lady that made them is from France and her husband is a garden designer.
I found her blog via Pinterest. Some amazing ideas on there.
I just love these. I’m going to give them a try.

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Breathing while Running

Today’s Pinterest post…

I’m currently 3 weeks in to a 12 week program to slim down and lose some weight.
I did the same program this time last year and lost about 12kg’s but found
a few sneaky kg’s came back on over the Christmas period.
The aim…to get rid of them!

With excercising 6 days a week comes running.
I’ve never really known how you should breathe.
I usually just suck in air and hiope for the best.
Most people say to just do what feels natural.
Not sure I’m doing it right?

I’m going to give this a try…

There are some great tips here to try.
I’m going to give breathing through my nose a go!

Happy exercising!

 Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Umbrellas

We’ve had a lot of rain here in Qld recently!
Too much actually, so it got me thinking.

I popped “umbrella” in the search engine on Pinterest today.
This image came up.
I adore it!

Beautiful, bright and bold colour!
I love it!

I did wonder how they got them all up there and so perfectly?
The mind boggles.

It’s in Portugal, so the photo says.

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: School Lunch Box Ideas

I’m going to continue my “Pretty Things on Pinterest” Post for 2013!
My random ramblings for the week…whatever photo catches my eye that day
on Pinterest! Always so much to share on that fabulous site!

With school going back this week here in Australia after our big Summer holiday,
I thought a do a post about school lunches and how you can be creative in your
kid’s lunchboxes!

I found this great blog post by Slap Dash Mom. She’s got some great ideas for lunches.
She has a whole list of various blog links on all sorts of varieties of food for the lunchbox,
from vegan to food allergies!

I got some great ideas from her post, that I thought I’d share!
Happy creating!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Inspiration

I saw this cute image on Pinterest today.
It’s me, to a tee!

How true is that?

Thanks for popping by today…

 Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Fascinators

It’s been a big week in racing here in Australia this week.
Most women wear some sort of headwear on Race day.
I’m a BIG fan of the fasinator! It’s such an arty statement.

 I found some great fascinators on Pinterest this morning.

Starting with the Queen of Fascinators herself…the Beautiful Princess Kate!

Source: via Shelby on Pinterest

Source: via M on Pinterest

Amazing works of art!

Chat soon,

Pretty Things on Pinterest: Halloween Costumes

There are some fabulous costumes for Halloween.
I love the trouble people go to for an event!

I go to a regular twice-a-year girls scrap weekend away and on the
 Sat night we have a fancy dress night!
Always so much fun sourcing things to make the perfect costume!
Love a good dress up…

 Here’s a few of my favourites I found on Pinterest!

 I adore this…

Thought the slurpies were clever…

Cool Lego men…my son would be into this!

Some great ideas for families…

From the movie…Up!

Source: via Ariel on Pinterest

Cute lobster in a pot!

Thing #1 and Thing #2…Priceless!

Source: via Callie on Pinterest

Why not dress up the family pet? Haha!

Lots of fun…I LOVE Halloween!

Chat soon,