Hair: Product Review – Big Hair Styler from VS Sassoon

Lots happening here on the blog again this year at Chelley Bean Designs.
I’m going to keep my usual Hair post, although I’ll be doing it once a fortnight.
I have plenty to share this year, but fitting it all in can be a bit tricky, so
I’ll be spacing it out a little. But, don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty of hair
ideas and info from me.

Today I’m going to review the VS Sassoon Big Hair Styler.
I got for one of these bad boys for Christmas and I LOVE it!!!!!

What is it?
It’s a hairdryer with a difference!
If you’re like me…a child of the 80’s…you’ll like big hair.
By big hair, I mean volume.

It’s a long tool with a brush on the end.
Basically, it’s a hairdryer with a rotating barrel.
That means you don’t need a brush, just the big styler.

It blows like a hairdryer and the rotating barrel is ceramic meaning it heats
up quite hot and it’ll smooth your hair much better, giving you more shine.
Kind of like what a straightener does.

If you want all the details about it and what it can do…you can find it here.

Here’s the ad on the VS Sassoon website:

There’s plenty of “How to” videos on how to use the Big Hair Styler on the VS Sassoon website.

I have a couple of tips from personal experience…

1. The barrel goes forwards and backwards, so to perfect this in a mirror can be a little tricky.
If you’re ok with a round brush and a hairdryer, you’ll pick it up pretty quickly.
If not, I’d practice away from the mirror first, and as you perfect it use the mirror.
With everything being backwards, you can get easily confused.
Just a hint…

2. Like any blowdry, it may be easier to dry your hair off first then take to it with the Big Styler.
Cuts down on drying time that way. Get rid of most of the moisture and startdrying  on damp hair.

3. Section your hair and start from the bottom. It’ll be easier if you have some sort of plan. Starting drying from the top won’t be very thorough and you’ll find it won’t get that straight, you’ll still have wave underneath.

There’s some great tips and ideas on the VS Sassoon website.
I thought they’d done a great job of that.
Very helpful…well done VS Sassoon.

If you need extra tutorials, check out Youtube.
There’s heaps on there.

In closing…I love my Big Hair Styler.
Would highly recommend one.
I have thick curly hair when wet and this saved me lots of time, and saved
my wrists from blowdrying with a round brush.
Thumbs up from me!

Chat soon,