Hair: The Messy Bun

I really like this look.I see it all the time. Not always well done, I might add.

The “messy look” is all the rage.
My hair is exactly like this(maybe a little longer),
so I can sympathise with this style.
The shoulder length, layered, messy, curls look.
Be it natural or if you have to work a little to get them, this is a great idea!

All pinned up very messily.
Hint: Use lots of pins in this one.
*To get a little height in the top, backcomb or tease it a little,
then gently comb the top without combing out the teasing.
*Then pull it up and pin away.
*If you have thicker hair, you may want to use a band, then pull pieces
out and pin them to create the messy look.

Here’s the type of length you’ll need to create this…
A great brush to blowdry and some product and you’re set!

Good luck with it…

I found this idea on Pinterest.
It’s taken from the blog Brunch at Saks, written by Anne-Marie from Los Angeles.
It’s a great read, not just about hair…but lifestyle blog.

Chat soon,