Hair: Q&A – Thinning Scissors

Today’s question is from Lucy.

Lucy asked:

I am wondering how to repair hair that has been hacked with those silly shear type
scissors(like pinking shears)…My hair has a big patch of split ends on one side.
Is there a type of shampoo/conditioner that will help splilt ends?

Ok, the scissors you are referring to are “thinning scissors”.
Instead of a blade they have teeth.
The idea of thinning scissors is to remove bulk, rather than actually
altering your hairstyle. They are great for use of people with
thicker hair, or for making a style look and feel lighter.
They are fabulous for adding texture to shorter styles.

Here’s what a pair of “thinning scissors” look like…

There’s always a BUT!!!!
But, they should be used sparingly. A few snips with thinning
scissors can make all the difference. This is where some hairdressers go wrong.
You can cut too much using thinning scissors and you do need to know what
you’re doing before you pick up a pair.

Lucy, the split ends feeling is from the thinning scissors.
I’d say the hairdresser has thinned it a little too much.
If you put your fingers in toward the roots, does it feel spikey?
That’s a sure sign a little too much has been taken out.

There’s not a lot you can do about it, it just has to grow.
Next time you go for a cut, ask that they don’t thin it out.
Just ask for a blunt cut. Depending on how quickly your
hair grows will determine if it’s a haircut or two before that hair
gets back to normal.

As for using a shampoo or conditioner to help the split ends,
it’not that kind of split ends that you can rejuvenate with a shampoo
and conditioner.

I hope that answers your question a little better, Lucy!

Chat soon,