Hair – Tutorial: Sock Bun Secret

Good evening everyone!

While on Youtube today, I discovered a very clever idea that I
thought I’d share with you.

Who likes curls? But it takes too long and too much efforrt to create them?
You have to get out the rollers or the curling iron?
Too much effort, right?

Do you like these sort of curls?

Source: None via Maria on Pinterest

The kind that are flatter near the roots and big flowy curls on the ends?
I do! A bit like Bold and the Beautiful hair! LOL

Here’s a Youtube video on how to create them, no heat!
Yep, NO HEAT whatsoever!

Just a bit of water, a hair elastic, brush and a sock!

It’s very easy!
The sock works as the curler.
Once the hair is wound around, that’s what creates the curl.
Kinda like the “old-fashioned donuts” that ladies wore to create beehives and if
you didn’t have a lot of hair, gave the illusion you did!

Unfortunately my hair isn’t long enough to try it.
But, if you do…I’d love to see a photo of how it turned out!


Chat soon,

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