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Today’s question is from Tanyah…

I recently got fed up with my daughter’s very long hair…past her bottom, becoming knotty and her not being able to look after it and by the time I get to it the constant rats nest is unbearable…so I did the deed and cut it off…only
When I cut it she moved and it is now up to her shoulders. It is very thick and straight and I am worried if I cut anymore it will be very very short and I will be in the bad books more than I already am now…lol…How do I make it look even now it has so many different lengths…???

For the simple answer, Tanyah…Take her to a Hairdresser.
That’s the only way of redeeming what’s there and not going much shorter. Just tell them you want it evened up. By that, it’ll probably have to be cut to the shortest length in aid of a neat look. Otherwise I’d suggest layering it, but being shoulder length, that may not be an option.

If you were to cut it yourself, which I don’t recommend as you could find yourself cutting and cutting and trying to even it up til there’s not much there?
But when cutting long hair, you really must section the hair into small sections starting from the nape area and cut to a guide line. Then each neat even section that you let down must be cut to this same guide line. That way you are not taking off any more than you have to. Keep working your way up the head til you have no more sections. Then start on the sides, working to the same guide line.
Keep your elevation on the hair as it falls, that way it’ll be nice and straight.

Here’s a video I found showing how to blunt cut.
Courtesy of ehow Style.
Great video this one!

Remember, the thicker the hair the smaller the sections you take.
That way you have plenty of control in the cutting process.

I hope I’ve helped a little Tanyah.

Chat soon,

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