They’re over for 2009…

I did my last market for 2009 at The Handmade Expo today.
My lovely Mum, Di came and helped me on my stall.
It’s not often she helps me. I’m usually helping her with her business, so it was a nice change.

We set up nice and early in the cool, before the heat took over. It was warm and I did get a little sunburnt. For the HOT weather Ipswich can turn on, we were pretty lucky today. Lots of cloud cover and a lovely breeze which sometimes turned into wind and had me chasing embellishments around the place! LOL
A lovely lady on a neighbouring stand came to my rescue with some sand weights to hold things down. How nice was she??

We had a great day. Sold plenty, which is always good. Christmas time is always good, with people looking for goodies for Christmas gifts.
I also got a lead or two to follow up in the New Year…You’ll have to wait and see what that’s about. I’ll keep you posted! 😉

Here’s a few pics of what I had today…

My Notelets are one of my best sellers!

I altered some Address books, this time round which were quite popular too.

Even Christmas cards went well.

It was a lot of fun…Bring on Christmas now!!
Time for a little break before we get back into it in the New Year!

Chat soon,

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  1. aussiescrapper
    aussiescrapper says:

    I was the lady who met you at the Expo on Saturday, I wish I had taken my scrapbook mag with me so you could have signed it for me. I knew your face from the mag straight away, probably because I read them every night before bed. Love your embellishments, hope to see you at the Handmade expo in February. Merry Christmas, Melissa

  2. Michelle Jamieson
    Michelle Jamieson says:

    Thanks guys…I really enjoyed the market on Sat. We did quite well and everyone was n a lovely Christmas mood. It was wonderful!!

    Thanks for everything Micky, Leisa and Miriam. I've really enjoyed getting to know you three lovely ladies this year. Bring on 2010!!

    Melissa…I'll be back next year. Was lovely to meet you although I didn't realise it was you…Aussiescrapper!! LOL
    You should have said!! 🙂


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